Meet George Chu

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Who is George Chu?

George Chu is a curious software developer, online marketer, and writer. He recently worked at a digital solutions agency, building WordPress and Shopify websites for almost two years.

Where is he from?

George is originally from Shanghai, China, and he is currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii.

How can he help you?

George is a problem solver. If you need someone to help you build an awesome website or a software prototype, then he is your guy. If you need someone to help you with your online marketing strategy, he can also help you with that

What does he do in his free time?

When George is not working, he enjoys biking, taking photographs, and writing articles for his blog.

Why is he writing about himself in the third person?

George feels kind of weird writing about himself in the third person, but it probably helps with the SEO of the page you are currently viewing.

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